Shane Van Boening

Nickname: The South Dakota Kid

Age: 40

Home: Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Equipment: cutec

Sponsor(s): cutec

Shane Van Boening vs Alex Pagulayan | 2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship Final

Fargo rating: 829

Player Trivia

Fargo: 825 When Van Boening was a year and a half old, he watched his grandfather play pool and took a liking to the multi-colored balls on the emerald green felt. His family has a strong pocket billiards background. His grandfather, Gary Bloomberg, was a trick-shot artist; his grandmother, Jeanne Bloomberg, a VNEA national champion; his mother, Timi Bloomberg, a BCA national champion; and his aunt, Gari Jo Bloomberg, a three-time VNEA national champion. At age two his grandfather gave him a built-to-scale pool table for Christmas.

In 2007 Shane hit the billiard circuit by storm. Since then he has been an annual invitee to the World Mosconi Cup. As a capstone to his career thus far, he has also become a fan favorite around the world. Shane has also had the privilege to play in over 45 states within the United States and many countries including: Canada, Aruba, Nicaragua, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan.

Van Boening is hearing-impaired and uses a hearing aid, but it has not limited his pool ability. He has received praise for his attitude towards the sport, partially for his behavior during matches, and for eschewing alcohol.

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