Ga-Young Kim

Nickname: Little Devil Girl

Age: 41

Home: Incheon, SKR

Equipment: K.F Cues

Sponsor(s): K.F Cues, Vigor Shaft

Player Trivia

Won the WPBA GRAND SLAM Jan 2018
Her father began teaching her to play three-cushion billiards (a form of carom billiards) when she was about twelve years old. After playing three-cushion for about three years, she started playing nine-ball pool and turned pro at the 2003 BCA Open.

Kim practices about 30 hours a week and enjoys a friendly rivalry with fellow Asian WPBA player Pan Xiaoting of China. Kim and Pan met in the finals of the 2007 Carolina Women's Billiard Classic, with Kim prevailing 7–6 in the WPBA's first all-Asian championship match.[2] Kim and Pan finished the 2007 WPBA season ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively, behind perennially top-ranked Allison Fisher. Kim speaks Mandarin Chinese in addition to her native Korean language.

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