Danny DiLiberto

Nickname: Buffalo Dan

Age: 89

Home: Buffalo, New York, USA

Player Trivia

A veteran player from the Johnston City era, a teacher, an author, and today working as a commentator for Accu-Stats, DiLiberto is an active member of the pocket billiards community. He was elected into the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004 for his "outstanding contribution to the legacy of the game of one pocket".
1960 and 1961 Straight Pool City Championship
1962 Straight Pool New York State Championship
1963 Straight Pool, U. S. Masters
1969 U.S. Masters Straight Pool Tournament
1972 Tournament of Champions, Johnston City, Illinois
1972 World All Around Champion, Johnston City, Illinois
1981 BCA National Eight Ball Tournament
1982 Busch Southern Nine Ball Classic
1983 World One Pocket Tournament
1984 Classic Cup Nine Ball Tournament
1985 Eastern States Straight Pool Tournament
1985 World Mixed Couples Nine Ball Tournament
1989 Western States Nine Ball Tournament
1996 Senior Tour Nine Ball Tournament
1997 French Open Nine Ball Tournament
1998 French National Nine Ball Tournament

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