Scott Frost

Nickname: The Freezer

Age: 46

Home: Chandler, AZ, USA

Player Trivia

Scott Frost was born July 17, 1975, in Des Moines, Iowa, where he lived until he was about 25. He didn’t start out as a pool player, he was first team all-state basketball in high school, but he missed one practice as a 16 year old junior (visiting his brother who was sick) and his hard line coach would not even let him ride to the next game in the team bus. So instead Scott snuck into a poolroom with a buddy of his that very day. It turned out that poolroom was owned by Don McCaughey, and that first time Scott played, his gambling nature found him losing the entire $22 he had to a local player, Tom Melon. Scott is not left handed but he started playing pool left handed that first day and by the second day it already felt awkward to switch, so he just stayed with it.
He has won: 2010 Derby City Classic, 2005 US Open One Pocket, 2003 Legends of One Pocket
In 2017 Scott opened Freezer’s Sports Bar & Grille in Tempe, AZ.