Francisco Bustamante

Nickname: Django

Age: 60

Home: Tarlac, PHI

Equipment: Bear

Sponsor(s): Bear Cues, Hustlin USA Clothing

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Francisco is the 2010 World Nine-ball Champion.

Bustamante is the youngest of eight siblings. People in his vicinity nicknamed him "Django" because of his scrappy nature and the way he often appeared with a cigarette in his mouth reminded them of the movie character of that name.

His father made a living through building toilets and planting rice, and Bustamante engaged himself in the activities also. His life in pool began when he worked in his sister's pool hall, racking and spotting balls on the tables. When the patrons leave and the place closes for the night, the young Bustamante would grab a stick and practice alone.

He never completed high school and has been concentrating in pocket billiards from 10 years of age. After some success in the Philippines, Bustamante moved to Germany where stayed for more than a decade, competing in a number of tournaments in Europe.

In 2010, Francisco Bustamante, was elected to the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame. Bustamante became the second player from the Philippines after Efren Reyes to be added.

*Picture from; Bio from Wikipedia.

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