Yu-Hsuan (Kevin) Cheng

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From Chinese Taipei. He was born in either 1987 or 88. He won the US Open in 2015.
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In September 2013 Cheng Yu-hsuan first took part in a World Cup. When 9-Ball Championships , he reached the finals, but lost in the round of 64 the Filipinos Dennis Orcollo with 10:11. In the All Japan Open the same year he reached the round of which he, however, against his compatriot Chang Jung-Lin lost. In the 2014 9-Ball Championships he left in the round of 64 against Chang Yu-Lung from. In July Cheng was at the Hard Times 10-Ball Open and seventh in the CSI Invitational Championship Thirteenth in 8-Ball and in the 10-Ball . In the All Japan Open in 2014 he again reached the Round of and subject to the Filipinos there Jeffrey Ignacio narrowly with 10:11. In February 2015 Cheng reached the knockout stages of the 10-Ball Championship , which he, however, against Warren Kiamco lost. After in 2015 9-Ball Championship was eliminated in the Round of 64, he succeeded at the US Open in 2015 after victories over Francisco Sánchez , Justin Bergman , Ruslan Tschinachow and Hsu Kai-lun of the finals, in which he 6 against: with 13 Karl Boyes was able to prevail and thus the first Taiwanese won the US Open.

In January 2016 he became the 25th Turning Stone Casino Classic fifth. Two months later he reached at the Chinese 8-Ball World Championship the knockout stages. In August 2016 he moved for the first time the semi-finals of the 9-Ball World Cup a, in which he, however, with 9:11 against Shane Van Boening lost. After the World Cup he won in the world rankings for the first time the first place. At the China Open in 2016 he reached the final and defeated there the Chinese Wu Jiaqing with 4:11.

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