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2000 and 2003 was Chang Jung-Lin Vice Junior World Champion .

In 2005, he reached in 9-Ball Championship the knockout stages. 2006 he left in the round of 64, in 2007 after a 9: 10-defeat to Corey Deuel in Round of. In 2008 10-Ball Championship , he lost in the Round of defeating American Charlie Williams with 8. 9 2007 and 2008 won Chang six tournaments of the Guinness 9-Ball Tour , including the season finale of 2007.

In 2010, he retired in the round of 64 of the 9-Ball World Cup against the Filipinos Jeffrey De Luna from. At the China Open he reached the quarterfinals. In the 2011 8-Ball Championship , he lost in the second round against David Alcaide . He also won the Beijing Open and was Seventeenth at the China Open. In the Round of 9-Ball Championships he lost to Shane Van Boening . During World Pool Masters and at the Japan Open , he reached the quarterfinals in 2011 respectively.

In February 2012, he succeeded to victories against Carlo Biado , Oliver Ortmann and Chris Melling of reaching the final of the 8-Ball Championships , where he his compatriot Fu Che-wei with 11: 6 was defeated and thus champion. In the 9-Ball World Cup and at the China Open, he lost in the Round of. At the US Open he finished seventh, the Japan Open 2012, he won the final against Yang Ching-shun .

After 2013, he reached the second round at the China Open, he lost at the World Games 2013 in the final against the Englishman Darren Appleton with 10:11 and thus won the silver medal. In the 9-Ball World Championships he lost in the round of 64 against Chris Melling, in the semifinals of the World Pool Masters , he lost again to Appleton. At the Japan Open in 2013 he reached the final and defeated there Ko Pin-yi with 10:11.

In June 2014 he reached the semi-finals of China Open and lost there by 4:11 against Chang Yu-Lung , the eventual winner of the tournament. In the 9-Ball World Championships he was eliminated in the round of 64 against Shane Van Boening.

In February 2015 Chang moved in 10-Ball World Cup in the Round of 32 and lost there by 8:11 against David Alcaide. Having in 9-Ball Championship was eliminated in the first round, he reached at the Japan Open in 2015 , the Round of.

Chang took twice together with Ko Pin-yi at the World Cup of Pool in part. 2010 and 2013 , the Taiwanese double lost respectively in the semifinals against the Philippine double, said in 2013 won the tournament.

With the Taiwanese national team he was 2012 World Champion .

Beijing Open: 2011
8-Ball Champion : 2012
Japan Open : 2012
Team World Champion : 2012

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