Ping Chung Ko

Age: 26

Home: Taiwan, TPE

Player Trivia

In November 2010, Ko Ping-chung first drew international attention when he reach the final of the All Japan Open moved. He lost it but against the German Thorsten Hohmann . In May 2011, he reached in 10-Ball Championships for the first time the finals of a men's World Cup and lost in the round of 64 only slightly against Darren Appleton with 8. 9 In the 2011 9-Ball Championships , he left in the preliminary round. In July 2013 Ko came at the US Open in 8-Ball and at the US Open in 10-ball each on the 25th place. In November, he succeeded by a 8:5 victory in the final against Poland Sebastian Batkowski Junior World Champion to be.

In the 2014 9-Ball Championship Ko Ping-chung was eliminated in the preliminaries. A month later he was at the CSI Invitational 10-Ball Championship Second and won the CSI Invitational 8-Ball Championship in the final against Shane Van Boening . When Manny Pacquiao Cup he reached the 10-ball double together with his older brother Ko Pin-yi the third place. In February 2015 Ko reached the semifinals of the 10-Ball Championships and retired from there against his brother, who then became world champion. In the 2015 9-Ball Championships he also reached the semifinals and was defeated there Shane Van Boening 1:11. In November 2015 it at Steinway Classic collection of managed finals, but he against his compatriot Chang Yu-Lung lost. In the 9-ball World Cup 2016 , he retired in the quarterfinal with 10:11 against Canadian Alex Pagulayan out.

2011 Made Ko Ping-chung, together with Ko Pin-yi, the Taiwanese team at World Cup of Pool against the Thais in the semifinals Nitiwat Kanjanasri and Kobkit Palajin eliminated.

Junior World Champion : 2013
CSI Invitational 8-Ball Championship:2014