Pin-yi Ko

Age: 34

Home: Taiwan, TPE

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Ko is a Taiwanese snooker player. He was 2015 World Champion in the disciplines 10-Ball and 9-Ball.
After Ko at the 2005 9-Ball Championship had already reached the 33rd place in the age of 16, he became in 2006 Vice Junior World Champion . In the final he lost against his compatriot Wu Yu-lun. A year later he won the final against Wu. In the 2007 9-Ball Championship Ko again reached the Round of 64, but lost to the Serbs Goran Mladenovic with 8:10. In May 2008 Ko resigned during World Pool Masters after victories against Ralf Souquet and Tony Drago in the semifinal against the Finn Mika Immonen from. When Qatar World Open 9-Ball Tournament he finished ninth. In October reached Ko at the 10-Ball Championships the round of which he losing to Immonen. In addition, he was again in 2008 Junior World Champion. In the Asian 9-Ball Tour, he won by a third place for the first time a medal.

2009 Ko fifth at the Japan Open in the Philippines Open he came to the 13th place. In June 2009, he reached in the China Open on the 17th Place. When Qatar World Open 9-Ball Tournament, he managed to collect the final. But in this he defeated the Finn Immonen.2010 occupied Ko at the Japan Open again fifth. In 8-Ball Championships , he reached the second round, which he compared the Englishman Darren Appleton lost with 8:10. During World Pool Masters in May 2010 Ko already retired from in the first round. A few days later he won the US Open in 10-ball 17 place. In the 9-Ball World Cup Ko lost the sixteenth final against eventual champion Francisco Bustamante with 8:11. At the China Open in September 2010, Ko was also on the 17th Place. In the Asian Games, however, he reached the semifinals, where he said Filipinos Warren Kiamco with 7: 9 was defeated. In the All Japan Open Championship 2010 Ko finished ninth.

In June 2011, Ko ninth at the China Open. A few days later he reached even with the 9-Ball Championship the knockout stages. He lost there against the Englishman Daryl Peach 9:11. In July 2011, Ko won the World Series of Pool . In November, he also won the All Japan Open Championship. 2012 arbitration Ko Pin-yi in 8-Ball Championship and in the 9-Ball World Cup from the quarter-finals. At the China Open, he finished 17th Place in September. In October 2012 Ko finished ninth at World Pool Masters and reached at the 9-Ball US Open in 25th place. In the All Japan Open Championship he was in 2012 fifth.

At the China Open 2013 Ko finished ninth. In the 2013 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Ko won by a 9:4 final victory against the Kuwaiti Abdullah Al-Yousef the gold medal in the 9-ball of men . In July 2013 he also finished fifth in both the 10-Ball US Open, as well as at the US Open in 8-Ball. When 9-Ball Championship Ko reached the knockout stages, which they lost to eventual runner-up Antonio Gabica 9:11. In November 2013 Co won for the second time the All Japan Open Championship.

2014 occupied Ko at the China Open on the 17th Place. Also in June 2014 reached the knockout stages of Ko 9-Ball Championship , retired there but against the Filipinos Carlo Biado from. In July 2014 Ko Pin-yi the CSI Invitational 10-Ball Championship won in the final against his younger brother Ko Ping-chung and was third at the CSI Invitational 8-Ball Championship.

In February 2015 Ko succeeded in 10-Ball Championship the finals, after winning the semifinal against his brother. In the final he defeated the Filipinos Carlo Biado with 11: 9 and was therefore the first time World Champion. During World Pool Masters 2015 he retired in the second round against Mark Gray from. In September 2015 Ko reached after victories against Carlo Biado, John Morra, Warren Kiamco and Wu Jiaqing the finals of the 9-Ball World Cup and won it with 13:11 against American Shane Van Boening.

When Chinese 8-Ball World Championship 2016 Ko reached the knockout stages. In August 2016 he left for the 9-Ball World Cup in the Round of 64 against the Scots Jayson Shaw from. At the China Open in 2016 he reached the semi-finals, where he lost to the eventual champions Wu Jiaqing with 6:11.

Ko took far four times at World Cup of Pool in part. He reached first three times the semi-finals. 2010 he lost together with Chang Jung-Lin against the Filipinos ronato alcano and Dennis Orcollo with 8: 9, 2011 he left with his brother Ko Ping-chung against the Thais Nitiwat Kanjanasri and Kobkit Palajin from, 2013 he was defeated by Chang the eventual tournament winners Lee Van Corteza and Dennis Orcollo with 7. 9 2015 he won together with Chang Yu-Lung the World Cup of pool with a 10:8 victory in the final against the Englishman Mark Gray and Daryl Peach,

In addition, Ko took twice with the Taiwanese national team at the World Team Championships in part. After 2012 with this, by a 4:0 victory was against Japan, world champion, followed in 2014 , the quarter-final against eventual runner-up, the Philippines.

2010 won Ko with the Asian team the Asia versus Europe Challenge Match.

Junior World Champion : 2007, 2008
Japan Open : 2011 2013
Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games :2013
10-Ball World Champion :2015
9-Ball World Champion : 2015
World Champion :2012
World Cup of Pool :2015

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