Jayson Shaw

Age: 35

Home: Glasgow, Scottland, Great Britain

Equipment: Meucci

Sponsor(s): Meucci, King of Vapor, Kamui

Player Trivia

Jayson became 2010 world champion in the discipline Blackball.
In January 2017, Shaw won in the final against Rodney Morris, the 27th Turning Stone Classic . A few days later, he reached in the Molinari Players Championship , the first tournament in the World Pool Series , the knockout stages, which he lost 11:15 to Johann Chua . At the Derby City Classic 2017 he won by a 11-7 final victory against Alexander Kazakis again the Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge. In addition, he reached the third place in the Straight Pool Challenge and the 17th place in the 9-ball competition. In February 2017, he participated for the third time in the World Pool Masters and came there for the first time beyond the round of the last sixteen. After wins against Wojciech Szewczyk , Alex Pagulayan and Chang Jung-Lin, he finally moved into the final, where he defeated the Spaniard David Alcaide 7: 8.
In October 2017 Jayson won the US Open 9-Ball tournament.

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