Loreejon Hasson

Age: 58

Home: Simpsonville, SC, USA

Equipment: Meucci

Sponsor(s): Olhausen Manufacturing, Meucci Originals

Player Trivia

At age 15, she won the World Straight Pool Tournament, becoming the youngest player, male or female, ever to win a world title. She was recognized five times as "Player of the Year" by Pool & Billiards Magazine and Billiards Digest. Coming out of retirement and making a comeback she recently won the 2017 Diamond Pro Women's 9 ball Championship.
LoreeJon Hasson (formerly LoreeJon Jones) began playing billiards at the age of 4 at her home in Garwood, New Jersey.[2] Recognizing her talent, her father built wooden boxes around the table so she would be the correct height for him to teach her the sport. Her father was her instructor, and her mother became her daily practice partner. She ran her first rack of balls at age 5. Hasson performed her first three trick shots at age 6 in Chicago at a men's World Straight Pool tournament.

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