Charlie Bryant

Nickname: Hillbilly

Age: 55

Home: Santa Fe, Tx, USA

Equipment: Custom Cue with an OB-2+ Shaft (19oz)

Sponsor(s): SS Cues, Diamond, PHL

Player Trivia

Charlie Bryant, known in the billiard community as 'Hillbilly' for his thick accent, has been playing pool since the age of 5, when his daddy had him pushing a crate around the table in the family pool hall. In 2004, Charlie hit the professional tour and immediately won his first major title as the Glass City Open Champion. With several other top finishes on the National scene, he took his place at #4 on the Billiard Digest Power Index and sat as high as #6 on the UPA professional players ranking list.

Known for his monstrous break and his ability to understand the mechanics of the game, the Hillbilly turned scholar. With the help of a good friend, Charlie put his simple approach to the individual skills of billiards on paper and the industry's first 'text book' was born.

After several years of consistently finishing in the top 12 on the Professional Men's Points list, Mr. Bryant has proven he is a champion. His eyes have now shifted to a new purpose. Ambassador to the Sport is a role the big Christian Man was born to fulfill. With his knowledge of the game, his southern hospitality, his skill as an instructor and his overwhelming concern for the welfare of the people who share his passion; Charlie 'Hillbilly' Bryant has chosen to spend the rest of his career doing his part to help the game that helped him find himself.

2014 Texas State Open 9 Ball Champion
2013 Space City Open 9 Ball Champion
2013 Oklahoma 10 Ball Open Champion
2013 Texas State 9 Ball Runner Up
2013 Oklahoma State 9 Ball Runner up
2012 Space City Open 9 Ball Champion
2011 Fast Eddies Tour player of year
2011 Lone Star Tour player of the year
2010 Texas State Open 9 Ball Champion
2011 Lone Star Tour player of the year
2009 Lonestar Tour Points Leader
2008 Carolina Open Champion
2004 Glass City Open Champion
1999 Oklahoma State Champion
Multiple top 12 finishes on Pro-Tour
2 time Houston Open Champion
Career High Rankings: 2004 #4 on Billiard Digest Power Index and #6 on UPA ranking list
Many 1st place finishes on Fast Eddie's and Lonestar Tours
Finished in the top 12 of almost every Fast Eddie's and Lonestar Tour events participated in since 2003.

Current Projects:
Development of online instructional video service
Publishing of Instructional Book
Dreamline Promotions and the growth of the sport through increased participation
Touring the United States to provide instruction through seminars and exhibition matches.

Future Goals:
To become an ambassador to the sport by promoting awareness, encouraging participation and providing knowledge through education.

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